CYBERGIG Protects business from cyber security threats by connecting organisations of all sizes to our vetted pool of cyber security experts. Contact us now to learn more & join our exclusive network.


● It is estimated there will be a cyber attack on businesses every 14 seconds by the end of 2019, up from every 40 seconds in 2016.
● 43 percent of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses.
● Approximately one in five small businesses report that they have been the target of a cyberattack.


CYBERGIG's partner network represents the cream of the CyberSecurity industry, internationally. We are committed to raising the bar in the industry. Contact us now to learn more, apply to join our exclusive network & enjoy more freedom to work when you choose.


Whether your business need's help with implementing Cyber Security protection, need specific cyber security resources or are a Cyber Security professional seeking more flexible & interesting work to improve your skillset, CyberGig can help you. Contact us now to learn more & join our exclusive network.


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How It Works

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Register with CyberGig & start submitting assignments, we can help you with this. Perhaps start with a Essential8 Cyber Health Check, or outline your requirements for projects, contract work & set your budget.

Receive vetted Application

CyberGig will review all applications and experts to select the most suitable specialists for your assignment. You can interview the specialists and choose the one that suits you best, either on-site or remotely.

Engage CyberGig expert

Partner with your chosen CyberGig professional to complete the assignment. Your CyberGig account manager will be available to provide ongoing support & provide oversight to ensure work is completed .

Register with CyberGig

Register with CyberGig, create your profile, set your rate and work preferences. You can also speak directly with a CyberGig account manager to discuss further.

Apply for CyberGig's

Apply for CyberGig's (assignments) that interest you or review work introduced to you via CyberGig. CyberGig will review your suitability and where the fit is good, we will introduce you to the client.

Start flexible work

The CyberGig team will connect you to the employer / business to agree terms, begin the assignment ( gig ) & facilitate payment upon successful completion.


Dave IT Security Director

We just received our annual pentest report, we need a 3rd party opinion

Jane - The CEO

Our new start up company is growing & we need more formal, regular Cyber Security health checks, to protect our clients & IT systems.

Richard - Company Owner

Our systems are down again, we are not sure why so would like a third party ethical hacker to investigate & expose any weakness in our technology & IT security.

Elliot - Head of IT department

We just received our annual IT security report & need a third party opinion from a Cyber Expert. We also need some occasional cyber contractors.

Cyber Experts

Hiro - The Cybersecurity Expert

I am a CREST certified penetration tester. I can be your expert

Oliver - The Cyber Health Check Expert

I am a CREST certified Cyber expert & can run a Cyber health check to review your business’ technical environment & IT security systems

Victoria - The Ethical Hacker

I will find the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your business systems IT security & make suggestions to strengthen them

Adam - The VSO / Virtual Security Officer

I will support you to create your cyber security policies, internal IT security plans, liaison with regulators & other general cyber-security expertise.

Direct and fast access to skilled and experienced vetted Cyber Security professionals & freelancers who can assist you in your projects.

Why Join CyberGig?

CYBERGIG is an independent digital platform that aims to provide companies, big and small, rapid access to top vetted talent in the CYBER SECURITY & INFORMATION SECURITY on-demand, whilst providing flexible work options for cyber professionals.

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Large talent source

Access a large pool of Cyber Security and Information Security professionals with wide-ranging industry experience and deep technical expertise. You will not be tied to one specialist firm and will have a wider breadth of expertise to choose from.

Fast access to talent

Get connected fast with freelance specialist who can assist with your assignment

Reduce talent
acquisition costs

Hire freelancers directly or assemble a team of freelancers for a fraction of the cost of recruitment agencies

Assignments on

Clients will have full control of their talent acquisition needs by hiring on their terms.