What & Who is CyberGig?

CYBERGIG is an independent digital platform that aims to provide companies, large & small, rapid access to top vetted talent in the Cyber Security sector on-demand, whilst providing flexible work options for cyber professionals.

Against a global backdrop of increasing cyber security breaches, hacks and attacks across various industry sectors, companies (large & small) struggle to navigate the complex cyber security landscape, protect their business and reduce overhead costs due to pressure on profit margins and an upward trend in professional freelancing and jobs on demand.

CYBERGIG was established to create a powerful, vetted, talent pool and facilitate allocation of that talent to companies who have a need for cyber security professionals, whilst also providing more flexible work options for cyber security and information security specialists.

CYBERGIG is a credible alternative to the traditional recruitment agency cost & expensive cyber consulting firms.

For companies, employers & organisations

With the crowdsourcing and freelancing model, companies should expect to source from a talent pool that is wider and deeper than generalist recruitment companies offer, with the added advantage that the engagement of cyber experts through the CYBERGIG platform is on demand, offering flexibility to companies who hire based on their terms.

For Cyber experts & professionals

The upward trend in freelancing is driven by individuals who want more freedom and flexibility in the way they work. Most of all, they want to work on jobs that are stimulating, interesting and diverse. CYBERGIG offers cyber professionals a means of achieving this freedom and flexibility, while helping them build their profile in the industry, network and portfolio of work.

Founding Team & Advisory Board

Matt Trustrum

Cyber Assessments & Partnerships

Andrew Matuszczak

Cyber Assessments & Client relations

Dean Lane

Security, regulatory & risk frameworks

Natalia Salzberg

Cyber Soft Skills

Enrique Ugarte

Cyber Soft Skills

Saad Irfani

Cyber client

Michael Buggy

CyberGig's Legal