Arrange a CyberGig Health Check to Protect Your Business Now

What is a Cyber Health Check?

The test is based on a highly respected Australian standard called the Essential Eight, developed by the Australian Signals Directorate to help Australian businesses.

The test will assess your how your business is protected from common cyber security risks and identify items that may need attention. The service provider will offer some recommendations for fixing the important items.

The test will be the same for all small businesses, but vary in price depending on the number of devices to be tested.

What you might want to do prior to the day?

To get the most out of your health check, get organised with your service provider beforehand.

What's in the Test?

The certified small business health check is based on the Australian Government’s Essential Eight list of mitigation strategies to help protect against a range of cyber security threats. The health check has been customised for small business and the cyber threats they are most concerned about.

Application Updates and Patching

Fixes abnormalities (bugs) and improves usability and performance.

Microsoft Office Macro Settings

Can increase cyber risk and should be disabled if not needed.

User Applicaton Hardening

Disables or removes settings or apps that are not needed to help reduce risk.

Restricted Administration Privileges

Limit users to the minimum access needed to perform in the business.

Operating System Patching

Ensure computers have the latest security updates.

Multi-factor Authentication

Using a combination of two or more ways to sign in each time.

Daily Backups

Helps ensure all information is not lost in an attack.

Trusted Applications

Stops non-approved apps being used.

Maleware / Virus Scans

Both types are needed to scan your computers.

Mobile / BYOD

Ensure policies are in place to reduce security risks.